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Company Profile

Company Profile

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        CoreTK is a provider of integrated solutions for circuit protection and electromagnetic compatibility, mainly engaged in circuit protection components, EMC rectification, manufacturing, and sales.
        The company was founded in 2018. For many years, Xintongkang has been committed to becoming a leading brand in circuit protection and electromagnetic compatibility, continuously launching new products and solutions, providing products and services for consumer electronics, industrial and Internet of Things, automobiles, new energy, network communication, military, medical and other fields, making our customers' products safer, more reliable, and more efficient. We have our own factory, design team in Taiwan, experienced EMC technical team in Shenzhen, and relevant testing platforms and instruments.
        The company's products mainly include: electrostatic suppression diodes (ESD), transient suppression diodes (TVS), TSS, common mode, magnetic beads, EMI filters, gas discharge tubes, fuses and other devices. Auxiliary materials: absorbing materials, conductive materials, insulation materials, etc. Rectification process: conductive paint process, electroplating, etc
        Electromagnetic compatibility deep technical services: Design/review, testing/rectification, technical consultation/training, site use, etc. for EMC projects such as static electricity (ESD), surge, radiation, fast pulse train (EFT).